The Future of US Healthcare by Barry Bittman, MD


Autor: Barry Bittman

Tytuł: The Future of US Healthcare by Barry Bittman, MD

Opis: It’s not surprising that every hospital and health institution in America is facing a substantial degree of uncertainty concerning the future of our nation’s healthcare. While the writing on the wall certainly includes Accountable Care Organizations, Bundled Payments, Insurance Exchanges, Core Measures, HCAHPS, Meaningful Use and Value-based Purchasing, the precise nature of that which will ultimately shape and enable our healthcare system to survive is at best, uncertain.

The real question is how can we improve and sustain our healthcare for future generations?

Highly politicized, the Affordable Care Act is poorly understood and widely debated. Yet what appears to be universally agreed upon is a series of remarkably straightforward goals referred to as the Triple Aim: improving the health of populations, improving the experience of care, and reducing per capita healthcare costs.

The pressure is building. Undoubtedly, something has to give.

Data publikacji: 22.09.2011