Prevention of health inequalities as part of public health policy


Scope of the course:

    • notion of public health;
    • main functions of public health in different countries;
    • ten Essential Public Health Operations recommended by WHO for the European Region;
    • health inequalities and  their determinants;
    • public health and health promotion strategies and methods, including those aimed at reducing health inequalities, employed by a selection of countries experienced in the field;
    • major international and national publications on health inequalities;
    • intervention types;
    • health promotion viewed as public health operation;
    • public health intervention planning;
    • local partnership as an effective form of battling health inequalities.

Target groups:

    • health sector employees, including physicians, nurses, midwives, paramedics, physical therapists, analysts, dieticians;
    • students, PhD students and professors of public health and other medical and social faculties;
    • employees of health-related NGOs;
    • social care and public education employees;
    • State Sanitary Inspection employees;

Substantive consultation: Katarzyna Lewtak, Ewa Urban, Maria Piotrowicz (National Institute of Public Health – National Institute of Hygiene).

Approximate duration: 2h 30 min