Preparing for success in a time of uncertainty and change


Autor: PwC

Tytuł: Preparing for success in a time of uncertainty and change. A PwC response tothe Productivity Commission Inquiry Report “Caring for Older Australians”

Opublikowane: October 2011

Streszczenie: The Productivity Commission Inquiry Report “Caring for Older Australians” (Report) has identified that the aged care system in Australia faces several challenges. The system is difficult to navigate, services are limited, as is customer choice, and quality is variable. A package of integrated reforms is proposed by the Productivity Commission, including, increasing customer choice, better provision of information and localised care co-ordination. We believe that the diversity of peoples’ needs should be met by equally diverse support. Further consideration about how this can be achieved within the capacity of the broader ‘health and care’ sector is required, in order to support individuals, familiesm and carers beyond the auspices of ‘aged care’. Those individuals, families and carers who require aged care services will also require some level of additional support be it primary, acute or informal community support. Whilst there are still many unknowns about the future of aged care, what we can be sure of is the increase in the number of people with complex long-term conditions, budget constraints, increasingly sophisticated (and expensive) treatments and rising expectations of what health and care services should deliver. We encourage and support the industry in embracing the challenges and uncertainties they are faced with and turning them into compelling reasons for change that can make a difference to Older Australians today and in the future.

Tagi: Care integration. Funding model. Operating model.