Payment and economic evaluation of integrated care


Autor: Apostolos Tsiachristas

Tytuł: Payment and economic evaluation of integrated care

Streszczenie: Chronic diseases have an increasingly negative impact on (1) population health by increasing morbidity and mortality, (2) society by increasing health inequalities and burden to informal caregivers, and (3) economy by requiring enormous financial resources and jeopardising macro-economic development (e.g. consumption, capital accumulation, labour productivity and labour supply). Integrated care is the most promising concept in redesigning care to tackle the increasing threat of chronic diseases. Several European countries have experimented with models for integrating care, most frequently in the form of disease management programmes. These models were often supported by payment schemes to provide financial incentives to health care providers for implementing integrated care. This thesis aimed to investigate these payment schemes and assess their impact, explore the variability in costs of disease management programmes, and determine the costs and effects of disease management programmes.

Opublikowane: 22 April 2015

Tagi:  Payment.  Economic evaluation of integrated care