Connected Health: The Drive to Integrated Healthcare Delivery


Autor: Accenture

Tytuł: Connected Health: The Drive to Integrated Healthcare Delivery

Streszczenie: This report documents the findings of a year-long international study of connected health, entailing extensive interviews of health leaders, surveys of physicians and case studies across eight countries: Australia, Canada, England, France, Germany, Singapore, Spain and the United States. These national health systems are diverse, with models varying from predominantly single payer health services to systems of competing insurers and providers.

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But all of these countries’ health systems—and, indeed, all those in developed countries—are under similar financial pressures, not just from current global economic conditions and rising healthcare costs, but also from changing populations that are posing new challenges in meeting increased and more personalized demands for care. To improve quality and access while getting a grip on cost, these health systems are all, in one form or another, taking action to integrate healthcare.

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Data publikacji: 2012